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>> March 04, 2009

my spring break starts tomorrow at 12:30pm, and i could not be more excited to go home! i miss my family and desperately need a rest. i've been sprinting this leg of the junior-year marathon. my legs are tired, i'm out of breath, and i really need some new running shoes (these or these?). 

i had a comm exam this morning, during which i was struggling not to let my head fall onto the desk and succumb to the wave of unconsciousness that was trying to overtake my brain. i had that dizzy, nauseous, headache feeling, and i just wanted to crawl back into bed and not fill a bluebook with answers about censorship in schools and intentional infliction of emotional distress. these are 2 ironic topics, given that i wanted to swear profusely instead of answering the questions and felt seriously harmed by the exam.

i'm exaggerating. the exam was fairly easy and straightforward, and i was done in an hour. after running a few errands, i made it back to the apartment and whipped up some vegetable soup to ease my swirling stomach and use up my vegetables and broth before break.


i have my homecoming captain interview tonight. i'm not nervous, and i hope they make their decisions quickly because i'd love to know if i got the position. i think i'm well-qualified, and the fact that i was one of three people at the "brainstorming meeting" last week shows my obvious dedication to the cause. cross your fingers!

start getting excited. my mom got a new CONVECTION OVEN (!!!!), and i have big, big plans for using it in all sorts of delicious ways. i also joined the barefoot bloggers, so i'll be posting some yummy ina recipes, too!

hopefully spring break brings equal parts of break AND spring -- i'm loving the sunshine (you can see it streaming in the window in my soup photo), but could use some warm weather! bring on the allergies; they're SO worth it.

ciao. J


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