>> February 28, 2009

all right. i've cheated. we went shopping yesterday.

but, but, BUT before we went to wegmans, i did make 2 more "operation liquidation" meals! we had a leftover pizza crust (because packs come with 2, which i think is ridiculous), and after seeing (and smelling) what happens when those go bad, i decided we needed to devour pronto.

on thursday i swiped  a few pieces with some dill hummus and popped them in the oven. i tossed some halved cherry tomatoes, garlic, and basil in a skillet, mushed them up with a fork, and spread it on the baked crust. i topped it off with some sliced cucumbers. mediterranean flatbreads = yum.

friday night i went mexican, topping the rest of the crust with refried beans (from a can), diced tomatoes (not from a can), red pepper, and red onion. after baking, i sprinkled on some taco sauce and shredded lettuce. ole!

but tonight, we cheated. while wandering the produce aisle, lyss spotted some wonton wrappers, and dumplings were born. we chopped up some mushrooms and scallions, mixed in some ginger and garlic, and tried our best to form good little dumplings. apparently lyss got a real lesson from her host-fam when she was in shanghai last summer, but it didn't carry over so well. since we're both hardcore european, we are pretty proud of our showing:

From food

i found some miso soup packets in the organic aisle, and voila (i can't say that in any asian language) -- a lovely saturday night feast. 

it was a good ending to a very long day of orientation.. uh.. orientation. i had a 6-hour meeting regarding my position as a mentor for honors orientation in the fall. it was at the letterman's club at the stadium, which is GORGEOUS. vp and adam thought about having their wedding there -- it would have been so pretty (but bear creek was pretty fantastic). that was probably the only redeeming characteristic of the day. they informed us that in order to get our 1 honors credit, we have to make a blog about our shc experience. feel free to follow mine here. i'm sure it'll be censor-ifically fantastic, since all of the shc administration will be checking it regularly and me posting about my disdain for certain people in certain positions of power in certain organizations wouldn't be welcome.

the first amendment does not protect me from the wrath of egomaniacal jerks.

=) i'll be nice.

tonight allyson is coming over to watch junebug with me and lyss. excited for girls' night and some wine =). we're celebrating the weekend in our own special way.

oh! and if you want ANOTHER way to be updated on my mildly interesting life, i've joined twitter and i'm addicted. you've been warned.

enjoy yourselves! ciao!


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