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>> December 23, 2009

yeah, being home makes me a slacker. but just a computer slacker... because i don't think i sat down other than dinner in the past 2 days. i've baked 3 types of cookies, made 2 dinners (really good pork loin inspired by bobby flay and salmon i made up last night), celebrated christmas with two different sets of neighbors, and worked part of my growing butt off at the gym.

no, seriously, only my butt is growing. i've NEVER had a butt. and suddenly, POOF, it's there. and it's round. and it's not fitting into jeans.


i will be taking a hiatus (again) for a few days. tonight begins the epic marathon christmas. leg 1: our little immediately family opens 400000 pounds of presents, making us all feel a little embarassed but secretly thrilled. tomorrow we leave for pittsburgh, thursday night it's off to akron, come back on sunday, and leave for toronto on tuesday. all driving.

maybe i'll finally finish making that scarf i've been crocheting for a year.

merry christmas and happy new year!!


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