days 18 & 19: home, sweet, thundersnow?

>> December 19, 2009

i failed to post yesterday because i had to wake up early, finish packing, clean out the fridge, clean up the kitchen, pack up the car, take a final, eat the waffle shop (if that place can poach an egg when there's a line 100 yards around the building, then the freaking deli in silver spring can poach an egg..), and then drive home. i then had to lay on the couch, watch 4 hours of law and order, go to wegmans, eat chicken, help mom and karen make 2 pans of lasagne and a pan of stuffed shells, drink coffee and eat cookies, watch 2 more hours of law and order, and go to sleep.

so you see, i just didn't have time.

but this morning, i've already gotten up, eaten some toast and cranberry juice, elliptical-ed for 30 minutes, biked for 20, did 100 sit-ups, showered, had a cup of coffee, ate an apple, and just got this lovely picture from my sister:

that is the view of vp's snow-covered snowman. yay for thundersnow. i don't care how it comes down, i just want my white christmas!!


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