day 16: what?

>> December 16, 2009

i have no idea where i was going with last night's post. perhaps deciding to blog after dinner and splitting a bottle of wine wasn't the best plan.

but dinner was a GREAT plan. the great thai restaurant here in state college, cozy thai, moved across town to a much bigger space, and i love the new location. it's more open, not FREEZING, and fits the style of the food much better. plus, it's still BYOB, which i clearly support.

i can never remember what dish is my favorite, and last night i was confused AGAIN. i'm starting to think they took the spicy mushroom thing off the menu, but everything else i get instead is just as good. i began my love relationship with their pad thai, but i've moved on to lots of other noodles and stir fry. i don't think i really have a favorite, except for the green papaya salad that we usually get as an appetizer. it's SO spicy, but it's SO good.

my favorite thing about asian restaurants is eating with chopsticks. it takes skill and makes me feel very accomplished.



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