day 15: wine, anyone?

>> December 15, 2009

miraculously, i managed to stay out of the kitchen all day, save for pouring cereal and slicing a grapefruit. whoever invented the double-pronged grapefruit separator that williams-sonoma sells is a genius. legit. when i took the knife skills class 2 summers ago, the only thing i couldn't do was supreme (soo-prem) a grapefruit. i ended up just eating it. it was a mess. but every morning, without fail, i manage to make perfect segments of graprefruit to enjoy along with my lovely bowl of kashi go lean. not crunch. i kind of love those weird little "fiber sticks." hold your "she's 90" jokes, please.

that's really all i have to say. my mother just set the dinner table for dinner on saturday. val and i have a crazy mother.



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