2nd place?... feels like first!

>> October 06, 2009

first one to name the movie quote gets cookies! i promise!

i was a runner-up on the endless simmer "smallest kitchen" contest! that's sad, really sad. but the happy thing is that i no longer live in that apartment, and my new kitchen is spacious, clean, and well-equipped. =)

i also failed to report that i signed up to participate in the Eating Down the Fridge challenge on true/slant hosted by Kim O'Donnell (the former WaPo food blogger). i also kind of forgot that i was in it, but my sunday grocery trip with the parents stocked me up, and my monday night dinner came straight from the fridge!

i didn't take any pictures, but i went with my old stand-by for fridge-usage: eggs! i made myself a fried egg topped with the last few dregs of the salsa bottle that i always refuse to throw out (read: i love salsa). i mixed up some cottage cheese with honey, and spread some blackberry jam on the remaining 2 slices of toast from my freezer.

i'm excited to make something tonight, now that i actually remembered that i'm supposed to be creative! look for fun things the rest of this week!



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