success and failure...

>> September 27, 2009

as i may have hinted at previously, the greatest thing about fall semester is football. and the greatest thing about football is 8pm games, under the lights, against a bitter rival. enter yesterday's blood bath versus iowa state.

as of 11:44pm yesterday, we were up 11 wins to 10 losses with iowa state. by 11:45pm, we were tied at 11-11. it was miserable, disgusting, and an all around disappointment on the part of the psu. we beat ourselves.

so while we may not be the greatest team on earth, we are still the greatest student section on earth, and last night was no exception. a little EPIC DOWNPOUR never hurt anyone...
how all football mornings should begin

like true all-stars, we began the morning with nothing short of a fiesta. 6 bottles of champagne, 2 gallons of orange juice, 5 pounds of potatoes, 1 loaf of bread, 24 eggs, and a dozen really hyped up fans, ready to brave the rain and hold our title high.

we start 12 hours before the game.

although the night ended in failure, i still had a blast.

and always remember, we are penn state, and they are not.



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