i'd win a gold medal

>> February 17, 2009

tonight's episode of "chopped" on foodnetwork makes me want to go on a cooking show and beat up some over-zealous, loud, rude contestants with my food. top chef doesn't do that to me; it just makes me so damn mad that whats-her-face leah made it all the way to last week. now that she's gone, i can finally enjoy the show. thank you, crazy judges.

continuing the competition theme... i submitted my scone recipe on the foodbuzz quaker oat's recipe contest. wish me luck! i really liked those scones. you should try them. i had the last one for breakfast this morning and just might have to make some more. i'm thinking cinnamon and honey this time. and vp got hers in the mail today. i hope they held up!

i only used half a can of green beans tonight and am stumped as to how to use the rest tomorrow. pureed green bean soup with mushrooms? frittata? (i just like that word)

i did have a hilarious text-message moment today that further affirmed my beliefs that i'm actually 25 and just stuck in a 20 year old's life. oh yeah, and that i should be in grad school and done with college. and college boys.


i need to go study more about absorption and weight control -- i should be a poster-child for this class. seriously.

i'll let you know how my soup goes.


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