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>> February 14, 2009

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Kayte February 17, 2009 at 6:25 AM  

Aw, Jenn, that blows. HOWEVER, this is absolutely not a reflection on you- professors are seriously some of the most self-absorbed/useless people to walk the earth. You are so ridiculously smart, and in all honesty, I don't know if the average econ-type prof could possess a broad enough worldview to appreciate how far-reaching your intelligence is. My advice: take a couple of days to NOT THINK ABOUT IT - seriously, put it way on the back burner, because a tiny bit of distance can do a world of good. Then, open it up to the broadest of possibilities - what are ALL of your options here? Would another dept, another prof, another subject entirely work? Can the timeline be altered, if it really needs to be? Then try to zero in on which possibilities make the most sense.

That is what ended up working really well for me. Overall, just keep in mind that in the broad scheme of things, this will not decide your future, and in ten years odds are you'll have all but forgotten it. Okay, maybe not forgotten, but it won't be on the forefront of your agenda.

You are intimidatingly smart/intellectual, and I know you're going to figure out something awesome. I understand that you've been working on this for approx. forever, and I know that this is probably frustrating as all hell right now, but it will get better.

I will try to be on aim/skype/however you want to correspond later today and throughout the week, so hopefully we can talk soon. Or, if you want, I can just give you a call - the international phone cards are crazy cheap here. Let me know.


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