a rant

>> February 11, 2009

this happened yesterday, but i'm still not over it. when i'm sick and tired, things tend to bug the crap out of me and i need to vent.

senior year of high school, we studied existentialism and read satre's no exit as part of the unit. after reading, we were instructed to write, in satre's style, a paper describing our own hell, complete with the 2 other people who would be there. i turned in a rather well-crafted essay detailing some claustrophobic SAT setting with my 2 least favorite people. 

i take that back.

my personal hell is such:
it is 7:35am. i am sitting on the blue loop, mentally preparing myself for the 75 minutes of economic strategy followed by 75 minutes of regression equations followed by 75 minutes of statistics ahead. there is a smelly boy next to me. and a girl gets on. she is on the phone with her long-distance boyfriend (who probably hates her for calling him at 7:35am). she is talking loud enough to wake those sleeping in the back of the bus and quickly enough to power our bus should the natural gas run out. she is chronicling the previous night's events, which apparently underline the fact that her "best best friend" is in a "shitty and ridiculous" relationship. she then "oh, rewind! back up!"-s and explains how the fire alarm in her pollock (read: sorority) dorm went off at 3:30am, and thus she couldn't have gotten more than 3 hours of sleep and is "so, so, so f*ing tired."

well, honey, it's 7:35am. i have 75+30 (break)+75+75 minutes of economics ahead of me and then a meeting about my thesis with my adviser. oh yeah, and it poured and i didn't have an umbrella.

i hate people who talk loudly on cell phones on the bus.

that was  a bad rant, i know. but i needed to get it out.

consequently, i think that the karma deity felt bad for me and thus made today record-breakingly warm, sunny, and relatively stress free. i had a productive tutoring session and now understand strategy; i had time to go to the gym; i had yummy lunch in kern and shrimp for dinner.

thank you.

that's it. i need to study stat. ciao.


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