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>> February 08, 2009

while some bakers may scoff at the thought of pre-bought cookie dough or boxed cake mixes, i praise their existence.

can you honestly beat that for under $3?

as for the cake mix, i decided to add a bit to make it happier than just plain white cake. white cake with fudge icing is my favorite, but i thought i'd jazz it up for the ARHS party. oreo cupcakes with happy teddy bears? i think yes. i crushed up 10-12 mini oreos and stirred them into the dry cake mix before adding the wet ingredients. the batter was this weird grey color, but it baked okay. i suppose next time i wouldn't pulverize the daylights out of the oreos and maybe fold them into the batter once it was mixed. they baked into the color of cardboard, so that was okay. you can really taste the oreo creme in them, which is stellar. they'd be really good with a layer of peanut butter before the fudge. i love oreos and peanut butter.

next weekend, in honor of valentine's day, lyss, allyson, and i are baking, watching girly movies, and only eating things that are pink or in the shape of a heart. pancakes, toasty-eggs, and cupcakes for sure. =)


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