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>> January 12, 2009

oye! okay, i already slacked off on doing this, but laying around on the couch sucked all of the motivation out of me.  coming back to campus, however, forced my productivity into gear. i'm obviously not used to this and am thus exhausted.

but the first day of classes had a few good surprises:
1) my 9:05-11am mass communications law (honors) class actually only goes until 10:20. the professor is awesome, and i'm way amped for the class.

2) i get access to a  cool nutrition analysis software for my nutrition class (though it doesn't work right now), which should prove fun.

3) MY CAMERA CAME (and someone was here to sign for the package so i didn't have to worry about that hassle)!! i am now the proud owner of a nikon d60 DSLR. it's beautiful.

i have some reading to do before guilty pleasure at 10 (the city on mtv), but i wanted to use my camera and showcase what pretty new pictures i'll be posting with my new recipes (tonight's is lame.. i had a meeting).

tonight's dinner was microwave uncle ben's garden vegetable rice mixed with canned tuna, feta cheese, celery, dijon mustard, and lemon pepper. not a real culinary feat, but gee, does it look pretty :)



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