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>> December 31, 2008

i have always been a huge fan of new year's eve. something about the culmination of a year and the simultaneous beginning of a new one, the perfect merge of past and future in one, tiny instant, is perfect in its romance and simplicity. in high school, i used to write elaborate essays, looking back on the year that was, remembering the details, and looking ahead to what would come. 

i'm a sucker for the last page of a book, the final line of a movie, and the closing licks of songs. it's the last thing that sticks with you, and to me, the ending is what makes or breaks any work of art.

that said, i try to start something new each new year. it always fizzles out after a few weeks once the novelty wears off. not a resolution, per se, but just an excuse to begin something without it feeling completely arbitrary. i don't like arbitrary.

so this year, i'm scrapping my old blog and starting fresh. new layout, new theme, new title, and new perspective. i'm also making a resolution of sorts; i'm going to follow my passions and develop things i love and friendships i cherish, not worrying about the things that aren't important (or those who i don't feel think I'M that important). i'm feeling overly mature lately, perhaps as a result of being home on break and spending too much time with my family, but i'm sick of putting on an act and wasting my time with things and people that aren't fulfilling. it's time to come into my own.

i'm also going to get up some more courage and put myself back out there; i'm not going to take no for an answer if it's something i really want, and i'm not going to let being scared or worried about what other people think get in the way of my goals. 

i've recently been inspired by a friend who seems to do just that, and i'm going to start off this year by taking a page from his book (both literally and figuratively), and hopefully cultivating that relationship into something more.

i've had a chance to do a LOT of cooking while i've been home. baking for christmas and cooking dinner for my parents has given me a lot of good recipes, all of which will be posted in the next few days once i get around to loading my pictures and whatnot.

so with this post, i kiss 2008 and all its memories (the quasi-relationships, the summer internship, living with vp and adam, the wedding, another year of psu football, the new apartment, etc.), and open my arms to 2009. bring it on, baby!

cheers, j


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