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>> January 10, 2010

here i sit, on my lopsided bed, hunched over my laptop (using my spiffy new laptop pad with slide-out mouse pad), on the last night of my last winter break. ever.

exclude, for the moment, the fact that i might go to graduate school some day... this is the end of my last bit of childhood. no longer will i be given nearly a month off to celebrate christmas, seven days of mindless leisure in march, a few days here and there at thanksgiving, and definitely not four months in the summer. while i never really did get my summer off (three internships, which probably contribute to the job i have after graduation making sure i don't have breaks), i did enjoy every mindless, cozy moment spent on my couch at home not thinking about school or economics or about how i have to walk nearly a mile in frigid weather.


so, i will end my winter break with a few pictures to remember the lovely past 4 weeks.

the output of a very efficient, very fabulous pizzelle assembly team (mom and me):

christmas (1 of 5)

my hallmark ornament for 2009:
christmas (2 of 5)

my hallmark ornament from 1988:
christmas (3 of 5)

this is a little embarassing to admit, but that's for five people. don't judge me:
christmas (4 of 5)

oh, canada! eaton center, which is like times square if it cared about its electric bill:

christmas (5 of 5)

and we've saved the best for last. my father's first attempts at flying this remote-controlled helicopter (my mom regrets giving him this):

tomorrow is the beginning of the end. sort of. i don't have classes on mondays, but shh. =)


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