day 11 & 12: the verdict.

>> December 12, 2009

yesterday was my last day of class for the fall semester! seven down, just one more to go. i really can't believe it. so after my last class, i took a nap. and then kayla and i had dinner and went out... so i didn't get to post.

but, i do have a verdict on the cookies!!

kayla saw the cookies sitting in baggies with labels (A & B) on the counter. inquiries get you responsibility. 

cookie test (2 of 9)

cookie test (3 of 9)

obviously, she didn't get the labels on hers, and she also didn't know what was different about them. her conclusion was that the second one definitely had butter and the first one didn't, which was correct! there wasn't really a ranking involved; she liked both, i assume!

cookie test (7 of 9)

personally, i was impressed with both of them. they had a good rise, minus the fact that i over-baked them a little bit. they were crispy on the outside, and then all full of fluffy holes on the inside.
the butter ones were shinier than the non-butter ones, for obvious reasons. they looked more like chips-ahoy, which made me excited. i definitely supported the use of sea salt in both. you can actually taste the salty flavor, and it went really nicely with the bittersweet chips! definitely would make both again. it's nice to know that i can whip up cookies quickly with olive oil if i don't have any sticks of butter on hand. thanks to the bloggers who posted the recipes for my test. =)

and then the night devolved into an absurd mix of beer, champagne, top gun, and kings. as you can see from below, it was glorious.

tonight i'm off to the basketball game against VT with alyssa and her family. her mother is fulfilling her 4-year wish of taking us to the phyrst. now that we're old enough to go, we're hoping she lives up to the stories she tells. i'm just excited for guinness =).


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