let them eat cake

>> September 10, 2009

first barefoot recipe of september: birthday cake! it's not my birthday, nor is it anyone else's birthday that I know, but birthday cake is still a happy addition to any thursday.

my first attempt at this downright failed. the outside burned while the inside didn't cook. i blame my oven.

luckily, the 2nd shot turned out perfectly. the cake was a bright, golden yellow with the right amount of crumb to moisture, even though i used yogurt instead of sour cream. i'm usually a white cake fan, but this just might be my new favorite.


head on over to Susie's blog, Everyday Gourmet, for the recipe. 



Suzie September 10, 2009 at 8:55 PM  

I loved this one too. Yours looks fantastic in the photo.

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