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>> August 28, 2009

i'm sorry, i'm sorry, i'm sorry.

i actually made this recipe like 3 weeks ago (the same day as the mango smoothies) because i knew it was the first week of classes and i'd have NO time or ambition to make it. i suppose i forgot to take into account that i'd probably not have the ambition to blog about it, either.

not that it's any consolation or even a good excuse, but i was out from 6pm until... sometime early this morning... celebrating my first thursday night out at psu. it was hilarious, and today's rainy weather was a very good excuse to stay inside and cook warm, tangy pasta sauce and make homemade spinach pasta. yum.

but back to the matter at hand.. my white pizza with arugula turned out fabulous, and i even created a fantastic dip/spread in the process.

barefoot bloggers: white pizza with arugula, ii

though my lactose intolerance is much better, i wasn't ready to take on that load of cheese. improvisation was necessary. i ended up mixing a can of cannellini beans with a few garlic cloves, some thyme, parsley, and a wedge of the laughing cow light garlic and herb cheese. after a few whizzes in the food pro, it spread nicely on the perfect dough. it was also great on crackers as a snack and for a sandwich the next day.


check out andrea's blog, nummy kitchen, for the recipe, and head over to the BB blogroll to see other lovely creations.



Jada August 30, 2009 at 12:37 AM  

I love pizza's with arugula! This is my favorites version:

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