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>> April 02, 2009

before i continue, i'd like to make it clear that i was in no way involved in "march madness" of any kind. i didn't follow the ncaa basketball tournament, not because psu wasn't involved, but because i have never understood basketball and have never liked it. i'm sure this is a direct result of pittsburgh not having a pro basketball team for my father to get me obsessed with; though, we did live in chicago during the 90's michael jordan - scotty pippin - dennis rodman extravaganza... but even then i don't think i cared. i might have a shirt.

that intro was longer than intended.

in any event, this is a recent post from the (award-winning) student-run blog about my lovely alma mater. i couldn't help but laugh and had to repost.

thank you, fellow staters, for spreading the love around our great nation. though i couldn't care much less about basketball, i still have my psu pride.




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