baking, blue & white, and beautiful flowers

>> April 29, 2009

i feel that my weekend is best summed up by pictures (check out the food and blue&white albums on the side for more).

first, there was the baking extravaganza:

toll-house cookies (straight out of the joy of cooking), oatmeal cranberry muffins (a take on my bur-berry muffins with "obscenity asterisk" sprinkles for my media law class), oatmeal chocolate chippers (thank you, mark bittman), and classic sugar cookies with rainbow non-pareils (another j of c recipe) . 

and then there was the blue&white day-long tailgate party. i delighted our crew with blue velvet cupcakes (a psu-ified adaptation of these from elise) with cream cheese-marshmallow glaze. 
besides the cupcakes, there was also a lot of sangria, taco dip, falafel balls, yogurt dip, homemade beer, washer-toss, absurdity, and sunshine. we never made it into the football game, but we found ample other ways to occupy ourselves:

that's taco dip (compliments of allyson and a direct cause of my horrible stomach ache later that night), results of sangria, the SHOE HOUSE pretzel hut, and beaver stadium + a ferris wheel. oh, i love penn state.

on sunday we had our final econ thesis class, complete with party at d.shap's house. i made joy the baker's famous flourless peanut butter cookies, which have been traveling the blogosphere lately. there are no pictures. they went quite well with clem's bbq and lots of beer. as we were all sitting around shapiro's deck swapping hilarious stories from the weekend and before, it hit me that all of those kids are leaving. goodbye, seniors? i'm too sad.

and the good times kept on rolling into monday. i had to pick up flowers for our ARHS adviser, and this little lovely peeked out at me from behind the counter. i had to buy her. 

i came home on monday night to find her wilted over, but nothing that some wire and a stake couldn't fix. she smells absolutely fantastic and brings the springy-goodness into my room (because throwing my window open isn't enough).

tomorrow i'll have a fun barefoot post, as well as some fun pictures from the ARHS dinner, olive garden with some loves, and a whole lot of whining about my 2 impending finals. boo finals, but yay for spring.

for now it's time to go enjoy the sunshine before the rain takes over.

happy spring!


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