a toast to toast

>> March 30, 2009

mondays are inherently crappy. any work you have to do seems far worse in comparison to the recent memories of weekend loafing or super-fun festivities.

but today's monday, though cloudy, grey, and cold, is a cause for celebration:

i am a huge fan of my toaster. i've never had a toaster oven (except for the fake one in my kitchen set that i used to "bake" my playdoh peanut butter "cookies" in), and i will argue with anyone who tells me they're better than toasters. can your plain old toaster oven shoot toast into the air? i think not. and how else do you intend to live up to the "pop" part of the pop-tart if you lay it on a rack.

no, no. i love the toaster.

my toaster is pretty intense. it probably cost less than $20, but it has 4 magnificant settings: toast, frozen toast, bagel, and frozen bagel. i think this is genius, given that i freeze bagels. as long as you follow the little pictures and put the bagel in the correct direction, it heats the outside differently than the inside, giving you the perfect balance of crust to crumb. and the frozen bread setting is ideal for reheating the extra waffles leftover from one of my dad's awesome breakfasts.

but the 4 settings on my toaster pale in comparison to THIS g
enius invention. i'd probably have toast for every meal if i had this. hint. my birthday is june 1st. 
i have gotten my fair share of food products stuck in the toaster, i must admit. and as tempted as i may be, i always remember that putting the metal fork or knife in to get it out before unplugging would be a really bad idea. that's my one qualm with the toaster; it does have the ability to kill me.

but anyway, i think i'll celebrate by toasting some bread as a good accompaniment to eggs for dinner. 

happy birthday, toasty!



Jen March 30, 2009 at 7:46 PM  

I just did a search for blogs with "jenny" in the title because I'm a jenny too. You seem like fun, so I might stick around. Besides, it's been a long time since I've been in college - I might start to feel young again! :)


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