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>> March 27, 2009

mark bitman twittered this a few hours ago, and i just checked it out. it's a fantastic piece on of the NYTimes blogs by Maira Kalman. art, prose, social commentary, and inspiration rolled into one.

since coming to college, especially after dealing with the politics of certain student organizations, and interning in dc for two summers, i often find myself feeling jaded and cynical about civility, democracy, respect, and basic human dignity. the collegian is filled with stories about robberies, riots, assaults, frats losing charters, corrupt administration, sweat shop laborers... etc.

but today in the HUB there is a knit-a-thon for darfur. i was also asked to donate blood on monday. penn state has invited underprivileged kids to come and stay with students for the weekend to get to experience what they could get if they decide to go to college.

it's these little things that restore my belief that decency isn't lost.

take a look at Maira's work and go pass on some positive energy.



Kayte March 27, 2009 at 4:16 PM  

I'll be back May 17. Seven weeks and two days. Not that I'm keeping track.

I would love to come visit you! We'll figure out details once I have a clearer idea of what exactly I'll be doing this summer, since my planned job (working at gov school) is clearly off the table.

And we will totally make up for the semi next year. Totally.

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