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>> January 24, 2009

i was just tagged on facebook to post 25 things about me, but that seemed stupid because most of the people on facebook who would read that already know 25 things about me. i'm doing it here instead.

1. my favorite color is yellow
2. sometimes i feel like a 30 year old stuck at age 20
3. my family is more important to me than everything else
4. i haven't had a best friend since elementary school
5. i wish i had thicker hair
6. i come off as more ambitious than i am in reality
7. i think i like my major
8. i played the flute for 9 years
9. i danced for 13
10. i cannot sleep past 10am, no matter what time i go to bed
11. i love peanut butter but rarely eat it
12. i really, really, really want to go to paris
13. berkeley law is on my list of things to do
14. i was a vegetarian for 1 year
15. i'm addicted to crossword puzzles
16. when i can't sleep, i create recipes in my head
17. i'm fairly good at drawing
18. i wish a lot of people would grow up
19. i caught the washington d.c. bug
20. maggiano's angel hair with marinara sauce is the best meal i've ever eaten
21. i wish i had the endurance to be a runner 
22. i have a great deal of respect for my mom, even if she doesn't believe that
23. i'm incredibly lucky to have a dad who was (and still is) always around
24. i'm jealous of my sister and her husband for finding each other so young
25. there is absolutely no way i am marrying a man who cannot poach an egg

i came home this weekend to escape the illnesses going around state college and to work a bit on my thesis. i plan on showing my parents the pictures on my new camera tonight, so look for some new food tomorrow.



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